A few hints for hiring a skip

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Recycling

Any major project involving renovation work will generate considerable rubble and trash that eventually must be removed to a landfill site. There is usually far too much to put out with the rubbish and many local authorities have stopped this practice anyway. The most sensible and by far the most practical solution to waste disposal is the use of skips in Exeter.

Companies that own and hire skips vary considerably in price; it is well worthwhile calling for several quotations.

A skip cannot be dropped and parked on public roads or pavements. Some companies that hire skips in Exeter will assume the responsibility of arranging the necessary permit while other companies rely on the homeowner applying for his own permit.

In most cases the local authority provides a permit that is valid for four weeks. This is not a problem, if the project takes longer, the permit can usually be extended. In the event the skip is going to be placed in the vicinity of a parking bay most councils require a weeks notice minimum so they can advise local users of the lane and have them make alternative arrangements. Before the skip is dropped the council places signs to this effect, providing dates for the guidance of those who are inconvenienced.

Decide on the size of the skip that you will need before you call for quotations. Most companies that hire skips in Exeter are better judges of this than most homeowners, they know based on experience what size skip is required for a specific project. Regardless of the size, you must give thought as to what you are going to put in the skip.

When a skip is hired expressly for the disposal of general rubbish, there are some things that cannot be disposed of in the same skip. Items such as old refrigerators, freezers, TVs, computer monitors, tyres, paint, batteries and anything hazardous in nature must be excluded, if the company finds such material in the skip they will charge an additional fee as they are forced to dispose of this type of material in separate facilities.

If possible try to arrange a wait and load service. The company you hire the skips in Exeter from delivers the skip, drops it, you load it quickly and they pick it up, load it back on the lorry and leave. By taking this approach you can avoid the cost and waiting time of a permit.

If you need to hire skips in Exeter, EMS waste Services Ltd offer efficient services. EMS offer conventional three, six, eight and 12 yard skips which are ideal for any size project.

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