How to hire skips in Devon

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How to hire skips in Devon

If you are going to hire skips in Devon and place them on your own private property there is no need for any involvement by the local authorities. This is not true if you plan on dropping the skip on public roads or other council owned property, including car parks. Before the skip can be delivered to and located on public property it is necessary to arrange a permit, it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that the permit covers the waste that will go in it and to ensure nothing but waste of this type does go in it.

Applying for the permit:

In some areas the homeowner must apply for the permit personally; however when you hire skips in Devon the skip hire company can do this on your behalf.

Skip permits are usually valid for a maximum period of four weeks however they can be extended if required. The permit can take as long as 16 days to arrange and has to be in force before the skip can be dropped on a public road, pavement or car park.

When the company that rents skips in Devon applies for the permit on behalf of a customer they need the correct post code, with this information the council can determine if the skip can be dropped there or not. In some instances the permit can be denied if the position results in road congestion or limits the width of the road. If you can arrange to drop the skip on your property the location is up to your contractor. You can visit here to get more details.

The waste carrier:

The waste must be disposed of properly, the waste carrier must have a valid permit to carry and dispose of waste. Check and make sure the company you are talking to is properly licensed.

Placement of the skip and safety:

Safety is important when a skip is sited.

* Traffic cones and warning lights must be used around the skip at night. This is also true during the day if fog or mist makes it difficult to see the skip.

* Reflectors are to be placed at both ends of the skip.

* Make sure the skip is not dropped on manhole covers, drain grates or utility access points.

Do not overfill the skip, make sure the contents are stable and will not fall out. Keep the skip covered to keep the dust under control.

EMS Waste Services Ltd offers skips in Devon. EMS has vehicles that can get to sites with limited access as well as vehicles that can carry skips of up to 12 Yrd capacity.