Choose a Curved Stairlift for Residential Use

Posted By admin on Mar 1, 2017 |

Choose a Curved Stairlift for Residential Use

Stairlifts are considered an ideal option for people in solving the accessibility problems faced by elderly, physically challenged, or injured. With the progress in technology improving, stairlifts featured advanced technology are available to suit any type of stairway including the curved models. By selecting a curved stairlift for residential use, you can successfully resolve any mobility problems involved in climbing your curved stairway in your home without making any alterations to the structure. You can find quality curved stairlifts in Exeter.

Reliable Stairlift Company Provides Quality Stairlifts and Excellent Services

Being limited on where you can move around in your home can be stressful especially when you have a curved staircase. By choosing to buy a curved stairlift from a reliable stairlift company you will be able to move with ease up and down the stairs. There are many types of makes and models you can choose from such as ThyssenKrupp Flow 2, Freelift Rembrandt and VanGogh, and Minivator 2000. Each one has different features and options which gives you the ability to choice the one that is best for your needs. Once you have picked a stairlift an experienced engineer can properly install it at your residence. Keep in mind that your curved stairlift also will come with a warranty. After the warranty expires, you are given an option to have a service contract. This allows you a reduced labour rate and unlimited free call-outs as well as a safety check and annual service.

The Right Choice Will Make a Difference

The right choice will make a difference when you buy a curved stairlift. You know by purchasing a curved stairlift will be an investment, but it is one you will never regret in making. A stairlift gives you the opportunity to move around in your home at ease and in comfort. If you would like more information about curved stairlifts, contact A2B Stairlifts Ltd today by visiting their website.