Finding a reliable glazier in Guildford is essential

Posted By admin on Mar 28, 2016 |

Finding a reliable glazier in Guildford is essential

Having a weather-tight home is essential to protect you against the elements. It seems that every television programme that deals with a new-build or a restoration project revolves around the need to have windows installed in order for the building to be weather-tight. Without fail, the difference once windows are installed is that a building becomes a home. Thus, whether you’re building a new home or want to replace windows, or fix one that has broken; you will want a glazier to be with you as quickly as possible. It’s remarkable how exposed you feel when a window pane is missing or broken and it feels as though your home is exposed and uncomfortable until the glass is replaced. Glass has been a part of our lives for thousands of years, and human beings still need this material to keep us safe in our homes, but also to allow for a flow of light and sunshine.

What might your Guildford glazier do for you?

Obviously, if you are involved in building a home, you will need a reliable glazier who is familiar with blueprints and will be able to consult with you as to the size and shape of the windows that need to be manufactured. If you decide on standard windows, the cost and delivery of your windows will be much easier, but having statement windows in a home is what will give your building its originality. Many people find a specific view or a beautiful tree that they would like to have framed by a window, and this is when your glazier will need to provide customised designs. You can click here to get more information.

Windows can come in a variety of shapes and frames. Aluminium or wooden frames are most popular, and you will need to consider future maintenance needs when making your decision. Another decision will be whether to have single or double glazed windows, and the type and thickness of the glass to be used. Many people have glass doors and like to have specific etching or frosting on the glass to give it a signature look.

In years gone by, glass wasn’t produced to the high standards that it is today, and the impurities in the glass caused a wavy pattern when looking through it. As a result, some older homes are replacing the glass in their windows, and a glazier needs to remove the existing glass before replacing it with new glass. In older buildings, the new glass needs to be cut to fit either sash or casement windows. A good glazier will also ensure that windows are properly and tightly installed. One of the major problems some homeowners have with windows is that they either rattle or let in draughts, and this is a sure sign that they haven’t been properly sealed.

The beauty of glass

Having a light-filled home is what lifts people’s spirits and makes a home feels spacious. It’s as a result of this that architects are constantly asked to find ways to get sunlight into a home, either through skylights or glass doors, along with the windows. Glass will always be part of our homes and if it is double glazed it will even help to make our homes more secure.

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