Glass is a most versatile material for your home

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Glazing

Glass has increasingly become the most desired material with interior decorators. For many people when they think of glass, it is still windows that come to mind. Windows were once fairly small as glass is a poor conductor of heat, so the smaller the windows the less chance there was of losing the heat in a home. Windows were always essential, which is why in ancient times, simple holes were made in a wall. People need light and sunshine and getting fresh air into a home is also important. Windows are now becoming larger, to the point where sometimes entire walls of glass are used for a home or office. Although single glazing is still popular, many people now prefer double glazing as this allows for much more effective climate control. Also, the energy savings by using double glazing usually covers the difference in cost over a period of years.

Glass is highly versatile

Glass with an opaque coating is a mirror, and mirrors form a huge part of interior decorating. Apart from the necessity of seeing your appearance, mirrors reflect light and can make a room seem much brighter and larger. Mirrors can be used as tiles in bathrooms, as can glass tiles. For a truly clean and modern look, furniture can be made of glass and Perspex. Glass used to be considered dangerous because it could shatter fairly easily but these days, with safety and toughened glass, it has become safe for a variety of uses in the home.

Glass is long lasting and fairly easy to clean so can be used in a kitchen as both a splash-back as well as a countertop. As glass becomes more popular, so the number of varieties and colours increases. If you look at the catalogue of many glass companies, you will see how the range of glass usage keeps on widening with ever-increasing products. Glass can be etched and frosted and patterned, and stained glass is currently having a revival as a style trend as well.

Installation of glass

Despite all the new uses of glass, windows and doors remain the standard way that most people have glass in their homes. It’s for this reason that all homeowners need to have a relationship with a reliable glazier for their Farnham homes. Windows can still break either through an accident or through bad weather and it’s usually important to have the damage repaired immediately. Glass definitely needs to be transported and handled by an expert. Should you be building a new home, having a reliable glazier in Farnham who will help to measure up all the windows will ensure they are done correctly.

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