Flying Experience Days Make a Unique Gift

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Flight School

Currently, now more than ever flying experience days have become a tradition for some and make a unique gift for any occasion. In today’s society, there are a lot of people who are over-stressed and over-worked; therefore relaxation is more essential than ever. While flying in an aircraft may not be everyone’s idea of relaxation, flying lessons can be a great way to learn something new, experience something different, and boost your own personal sense of confidence through achieving something new. Flying experience in Exeter is offered by a reputable flight school that has several packages you can select from.

The Ultimate Flying Experience

Flying experience is a way for you to let yourself go, be free and have an experience of a lifetime. If you or a friend has always wanted to learn to fly, but have never made the time for the challenge, then taking the opportunity now can help you get a head start on your new passion. No matter if you are young or older, everyone needs to have a chance to take control of an aircraft and experience the feeling of floating on top of clouds.

Flying Experience Packages Include the Following:

* Souvenir Certificate on Completion of Flight

* Full Pre-Flight Briefing Before Flight

* Your Choice of Destination and Duration

* Presentable Gift Voucher Available

* Hands on Flying 90% of the Time

* Both 2 and 4 Seater Aircrafts Available

Take in Beautiful Scenery While Flying

Flying experience is the perfect gift for any friend or loved one. If you want to give them something that will last a lifetime and be a memorable occasion then this is it. Flying lessons or flying experience gifts are enjoyable and can be cherished forever. You will be able to take in all the beautiful scenery while flying and take pictures so you can remember the special day. So, why give something that they will get tired of or outgrow in a year? A flying experience gift allows for lifelong memories and a unique experience that anybody can savour!

Devon & Somerset Flight Training is the best flying school which offers flying lessons and flying experience in Exeter, UK.

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