Flying Experience-The Perfect Gift You Can Give To a Friend

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Flight School

Chocolates are impersonal, jewellery and clothing can be tricky due to individual preferences, and flowers as well as wine have been done over and over again. On the other hand, if you want to get a friend something personal that will not end up in the back of a cupboard, there are now lots of new and exciting possibilities. Gift experiences have been around for a long time, but you want a gift that is unique and one of a kind. If your friend is a bit of an adrenaline junkie or simply up for experiencing new things, then giving them a personalized flying experience will be the perfect gift. The greatest thing about the gift of a flying experience is the fact it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people, it will most definitely be a fantastic experience they will not forget for a long time. There is a reputable and professional flight school that offers flight experience in Bristol. Click here to get more details.

Choose from Several Experience Packages

The first step is contacting a professional instructor to make sure the weather is fit for flying. Once that has been approved then you will arrange a time. When you arrive you will be asked to sign some forms and while doing that you can choose where you want to fly. There will be a pre-flight inspection after that is cleared an instructor will make sure you are properly secured in an aircraft. Your friends can join in on the flight or you can go by yourself.

Air Experience Includes:

* Presentable Gift Voucher Available

* Hands on Flying 90 % of the Time

* Full Pre-Flight Briefing Before Flight

* Both 2 and 4 Seater Aircraft Available

* Your Choice of Duration and Destination

* Get Lost in the Clouds Today

Aircraft flights are an excellent way to get a peek of the view from up in the clouds. The scenery is breathtaking and you will be able to snap pictures with a camera or your phone so you will not soon forget about this experience of a lifetime. Flying your own aircraft is a truly thrilling experience that will become a cherished memory. It’s a gift experience that any friend would love to receive, because even the most timid flyer always emerges after a flight with a massive grin on their face! Get lost in the clouds today by visiting the website of Devon & Somerset Flight Training so you can find out more about flying experience.

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