How a stairlift can help you to remain in your home

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Stairlifts

If you have a home in Devon that is built over more than one floor, you can be confident of remaining in your home, even when your mobility starts to deteriorate, by installing a stairlift. Stairs can present enormous problems to certain parts of the population: for those who are elderly or infirm, for the physically challenged, or for people who are obese. A stairlift is usually easily incorporated into any home as it operates along rails that are secured into the tread of the stairs. These motorised chairs then run smoothly along these rails, and provide access to all parts of the home. The chairs themselves can be customised for comfort and can even be covered in the fabric of your choice to match your décor.

There are many different types of chair stairlifts to choose from

In most Devon homes, the staircases are straight, and this helps tremendously with the design and installation of the stairlift. Most rails are made from aluminium so are long-wearing and require minimal maintenance. However, each stairlift has a specific load carrying capacity, and you would need to check this with the consultant to ensure that your stairlift is able to perform the task for which it’s needed. For example, it could be that the person who is having trouble navigating the stairs is obese, in which case it might be necessary for the rails and the chair to be reinforced, as carrying capacities normally vary between 200 and 400 pounds.

Each stairlift operates with a motor that works off electricity. However, many also have back-up battery power in case of a power failure. This should give peace of mind to anyone who is anxious about being stranded, in the same way that people are afraid of being trapped in a lift when the electricity fails. There are even stairlifts that are designed for the user to stand rather than sit, and there are also optional footrests or armrests. These are all features that can be discussed with a consultant prior to choosing the stairlift you want in your home. You can visit here to get more details.

How stairlifts work

Most stairlifts are positioned at right angles to the staircase, so the chair will travel up the rails with the user sitting sideways to the stairs. Many Devon homes have very narrow staircases, which is why the stairlifts are positioned in this way to save space. Not only can the rails at the top and bottom of the stairs be folded away when not in use, some models of stairlifts also allow the chair to be folded away, which is more convenient for the other occupants of the home.

A2B Stairlifts Ltd can be contacted to arrange for a consultation regarding the design and installation of a stairlift in your Devon home. They are conveniently situated in Devon and will be happy to send a representative to meet with you.

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