How to Distinguish Excellent Flying Schools

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Flight School

Before you start looking for an aviation school, you need to determine the type of aviation training that you need. Ask yourself why you want to learn flying, the goal of your training and where you want to fly after the training. Consider your availability to see if you need to study full time or part time.

The type of Flight School

There are two types of flight schools; Part 141 and Part 61. The content taught is the same but the difference comes in with the minimum fight time required. The best thing about Part 61 is the flexibility it gives to the students in terms of accountability and structure of the course. The students are free to schedule their flying lessons and sequence depending on their needs. This arrangement appeals to part time students.

The Aviation Ground

Apart from leaning how to control the plane, you need to have foundational knowledge to guide you in controlling the flight. The knowledge is leant in the aviation ground school. It enables you to understand the when, how and where questions when flying. This is the foundation for safety when flying as it gives you in-depth knowledge of situations thus enabling you to make informed decisions when flying. Before taking your final exams, the flying school helps you to prepare by giving a series of exams after the course content. Choose a school which does not compromise on the quality of training provided. It is always good to see the course outline to determine the quality of training.

Training Airplane

The airplane is where transfer what you have learnt on the ground to practical use. A good training airplane is well maintained and is equipped with all the necessary commands. There are planes which provide basic, medium and advanced experience. Flying schools in Exeter use the Cessna 152 as the standard plane for training but they also have additional planes on the side. Visit site to get more information about flying school.

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