Tips for Successful Flight Training

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Flight School

Finally your big day is here and it is time for you to join a flight school. Butterflies in your stomach, expectations and a bit of confusion are flaring up. To be sincere, the first day can be a daunting. So, what can you do to prepare to overcome flying school challenges when you sign on with a flying school in Bristol?

Your schedule will not be the same again

Flight training takes time and it’s intense. Apart from the scheduled trainings, you need to put in a lot of additional effort on your own. You will need to develop self-discipline for you to consistently give the training everything. It takes hard work to study and succeed in piloting but it is attainable. Put aside some time every week to study your notes. This will make your lessons exciting and you will have a reason to look forward to the next lesson.

It helps to polish up on important requirements

Although the math involved in flight training is easy, it is good to polish up on some key areas. Take time to read on trigonometry, centre of gravity calculations, arithmetic, and moments. Look for practice questions and videos to help you get a better understanding. You also need to learn how to say the phonetic alphabets. Get the alphabets, print them then start to memorize. Polishing up on maths and phonetic alphabet is not mandatory but it helps to simplify the training.

A flight journal

Every student needs this invaluable tool. Use it to record the highlights, areas which need improvement and remarks from the instructor after every flight. Go through the journal during your free time and concentrate on your weak areas. As long as you are diligent, you will start to see a steep learning curve and great improvement in all areas of study.

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