What is Double Glazing and What Does It Do?

Posted By admin on Dec 6, 2017 |

What is Double Glazing and What Does It Do?

When you hear the term ‘double glazed’ what comes to your mind? Do you imagine a delicious ham glazed and ready to eat for Christmas dinner? Or do you picture delicious doughnuts sitting on a plate before you? If so, then you will be disappointed to learn that “glazing” is simply a window term used to describe a special type of glass formation. Double glazed windows are those specifically designed to be more energy efficient, stronger, and more valuable.

Simple Industry Term

This term refers to any glass windows or panes that are comprised of two panes of glass, one placed right in front of another. The glass panes form a sandwich with a gap of air between the glass panes. This space is filled with either “dead air” or inert gas like argon or krypton. This gap creates a buffer so temperatures inside and outside the home stay separated. If the temperature outside in winter is 10 Degrees F and inside temps are around 70, this type of glass will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out. This also happens in the summer time with keeping cool air in and hot air out where it belongs. For more details, click here.

Why This Is Done

When you understand what a double-glazed window can do it is easy to see why this type of glass is becoming more and more popular in homes as well as in businesses around the area. When it comes to double glazing, Farnham has the best window experts ready to go to work for you- Allways Glazing Works. Call us today to set up your in-home consultation and let us show you what we can offer and what new windows can do for your home today and down the road!