Why it is Important to Have a Will

Posted By admin on Dec 13, 2017 |

Why it is Important to Have a Will

You may be surprised to find that only one in three people in the United Kingdom have a will. Yes, it is true, nobody likes to think about passing away, but having a will is incredibly important. Putting it off will not make it any easier and having an official and up-to-date will in Reading protects your heirs and relieves your stress and worry over what might happen to your family after you’re gone. You hear the stories about wills that have been written on napkins, etc. These are the ones that are generally heatedly contested. If you work with a solicitor who has experience in preparing wills, your inheritance taxes will be decreased and you can be sure that it will say exactly what you want and your property and assets will go to the proper people.

If You Do Not Have a Will

If you pass away and do not have a will, there are many issues that can arise. You are not married but have been with your significant other for years. Without a will naming them, they will not be entitled to any of your property or assets. If you are married, your husband or wife might have to share with other members of your family. In both instances they may have to sell the home they have lived in for years. It could be that you wish everything go to a close friend, but without it will stating such anything you have left will most likely go to a relative no matter how distantly they are related to you.

When it comes to your children, particularly if they are under age, without a will you will have no say in their residence or guardianship. At Harrison’s Solicitors, you will be led gently through the process of drafting your will.