5 Questions to ask yourself when looking for a Vet

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Veterinarian

Are you looking for vet for your pet? If you have never used a vet or you have just relocated and you need a vet, follow the following tips to finding vets in Durham.

* Does the vet offer the services that you are looking for? – It is advisable to look for a vet who offers many services. Such a vet gives you the assurance that your pets will always find help when you visit their clinic. Make sure the vet is available 24 hours. Illnesses and emergencies tend to happen at the most unexpected time so you need a vet who is available at all times.

* How much does the vet charge? You can get a vet charge fee from their clinic or their website. The charge does not reflect the quality of services provided by vets in Durham. A vet who charges high does not necessarily offer better services and vice versa. Do not rely on the fee as the main determinant of the vet that you choose.

* Does he offer full services including ultrasounds, on-site lab work and x-rays? A vet who offers all services on site charges reasonably and the services are provided within a short time. If the vet has to send your lab results to a different location or clinic, you will have to pay extra charges and wait a little longer for a diagnosis or treatment.

* How does the vet communicate to you? Good vets avoid medical jargon and focus on using a language that you can understand. Choose a vet who takes time to give you information in an understandable language.

* How does the place look like? Is it clean, how clean is it? You do not want to take your pet to a clinic where hygiene is not priority: health and hygiene are closely related. Look out for current ads and magazines. This shows that the vets keep up with up-to-date information in their field.

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