Basic Information about Vaccines

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Veterinarian

Vaccines help your pet to be prepared to fight against organisms that cause diseases. If your pet is not vaccinated, it depends on its immune systems to fight disease causing organisms. There are times that the immune system is not strong enough to fight the organisms or some diseases are too strong for the body.

Type of vaccines for your pet

Apart from compulsory vaccines, some vaccines are given depending on the risk of contracting a disease. If your pet is at a high risk of contracting a certain disease, then you need to vaccinate it.

For information on when to get the vaccines and the specific vaccines that you need, talk to your vet about it. The vet will help come up with a vaccine schedule customized specifically for your pet.

How safe are vaccines?

Vaccinations in County Durham save life so even if your pet experiences side effects, just know the effects are much better than contracting the disease. Every animal reacts differently to vaccines so do not be alarmed if your pet reacts differently.

How many times do you need to vaccinate your pet?

Mot vaccines are administered during the first year of your pet’s life. Repeat vaccines are given after one to three years. The type of vaccine given determines the time for its first administration and whether there is need for follow-up vaccines.

Reactions to vaccines

Pets react differently to vaccinations in County Durham so the pets may either suffer mild or severe reactions. Mild reactions occur a few hours after vaccination while severe reactions take time before appearing. Mild reactions include sneezing, swelling around the area of injection, minimal fever and loss of appetite. Change of behaviour, tumour at the injection site characterise severe reactions.

We care for the wellbeing of your pets and always guide you on how to handle your pet after vaccinations. All our vaccines are customised according to the pet and where they live. Click here for more information on vaccinations.

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