Choose an Enclosed Skip to Protect Items for Recycling

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Waste Management

There are many Cardiff businesses and households that generate a lot of items for recycling, and this often leads to the need to hire a skip in order to accommodate the larger volume of recyclable products. One problem that you might experience when it comes to putting items in the container for recycling is the risk of it being taken if it is on display to everyone passing by outside your commercial premises or home.

There is a solution to this, and this is to find a Cardiff provider that is able to provide you with an enclosed skip. These are ideal if you want to protect valuable recyclable items from theft and also reduce the risk of other people dumping their own rubbish in your skip while it is left outside the property. You can get these enclosed skips in a range of different sizes, which means that finding the right one for your needs should be quick and simple.

Find the right provider for your enclosed container

You do need to ensure you find the right provider for your enclosed container, as this can affect everything from the level of service you receive to the amount that you have to pay in order to hire the skip. When you are deciding which provider you should select, make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Is the choice of skip sizes suitable? You need to make sure that the selection of skip options from the provider caters for your needs in terms of providing access to the size that you require. It is therefore important to check what sizes of enclosed skips they are able to offer access to.

  • Do they offer a same day delivery service? It is also worth checking to see whether same or next day delivery is available from the provider you are considering so that you can book your skip at short notice should you need to.

  • Are the prices competitive? Another factor you should look at is whether the pricing is competitive for hiring the containers for your recycling. Don’t focus on price alone – make sure you also look at the choice and service that you get from the provider as well.

With the right provider for your enclosed skip, you can ensure that you are able to recycle all of the items necessary safely and conveniently.

To find out more about hiring skips for recycling, Cardiff businesses and residents can get in touch with the specialists at Caerphilly Skips.

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