Putting Together a Checklist for Removals in Edinburgh

Posted By admin on Jun 24, 2015 |

Putting Together a Checklist for Removals in Edinburgh

Making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible is the main aim of homeowners and business owners preparing for the big move. While it is possible to go it alone, companies that offer assistance with removals in Edinburgh could ease the process significantly. How, you ask? Well, removal companies can aid with packing and offer insurance for the protection of belongings. If you haven’t already done so, put a checklist together so that the basics, like mail redirection and subscription termination, can be dealt with ahead of the big move.

One Month Before Moving

Preparation is everything and even one month before the big day you ought to be thinking about ticking some things off the to-do list. Prior to hiring a company for removals in Edinburgh, consider hiring a Chartered Surveyor to visit your property and inspect it. Why, you ask? Well, a Chartered Surveyor will be able to assess the property’s structural condition and will alert you if any problem areas need attention. By getting things fixed, you can get the best resale value for your home ahead of moving into a new one. You might also want to figure out parking arrangements at the new address, so that the movers can legally park their moving vans without disturbing nearby residents.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Moving day is edging closer and it’s just a fortnight before you start to settle in your new surroundings. At this point you should have ticked most things off the checklist, such as transferring children’s school records, confirming the moving date with your landlord (if you are currently renting), and keeping documents filed in a safe place. Ask the company that offers removals in Edinburgh if they provide additional services, like disassembling and reassembling furniture. If not, ask friends, family or your new neighbours to give a helping hand. Visit the website to get more information.

One Week Before Moving

Now it is just seven days until you get the keys to your new place! Don’t let the excitement distract you though, because there are still a few things to do. Make sure all important documents are organised and store them in a safe place. Packing should be nearly complete at this time, but you can ask the removal company if they will be able to help if it isn’t.

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