Choosing the best basement waterproofing products

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Water Proofing

There are many products available for basement waterproofing, choosing the right product requires an understanding of the scope of the problem, based on that, the correct product can be used to solve the issue. Different products are used to waterproof the exterior of a basement wall and the interior of the wall. If the objective of basement waterproofing in Brighton is to prevent the ingress of water the job is not all that difficult, however, if water is leaking into the basement then the cause must first be determined before the problem can be remedied.

Choosing the right waterproofing products during the construction of the home is considerably easier than when the problem is in an existing home. During new home construction the contractor has the opportunity to ensure the ground is graded properly away from the hose, depending on the water table in the area the contractor can also ensure that drain tiles are installed around the base of the foundation wall, the exterior walls at this time can be given a liberal coating of waterproofing tar. You can click here to get more details.

It is considerably more complicated to treat a problem in an existing home. The first step is investigating the source of the water; why is it coming in and where? Most problems occur between the joint of the basement walls and the floor slab. Water often drains along the foundation and forms pools, the pools create hydrostatic pressure which forces water through this joint. If this is found to be the problem then the best basement waterproofing in Brighton include solutions which will result in draining away this water before it gets an opportunity to pool.

Once the problem outside has been identified and solved, it is time to move inside for a careful examination of the walls. If there are cracks or holes in the wall then the correct material and approach can be decided upon. If the holes or cracks are small then polyurethane or epoxy filler is a good solution. If the crack is larger than three or four mm then it needs to be cleaned out and patched with an epoxy filler. This material is available in various viscosities, the larger the crack the thicker the epoxy should be.

Once all the cracks have been filled the final stage of basement waterproofing in Brighton is the application of waterproof paint to the interior walls. Capillary waterproofing paint penetrates the concrete closing off any minor imperfections in the wall.

Basement waterproofing in Brighton can be approached from the inside, the outside or both and there are various techniques and products available. If you have a wet basement you are invited to contact the professionals at Cavitytech Systems Ltd.

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