Options available for waterproofing exterior basement walls

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Water Proofing

Water in a basement is a real problem, if the source of the leak has been determined to be the exterior of the basement wall there are a number of ways to handle basement waterproofing in Eastbourne. Common solutions include a French drain, tanking or the installation of a sump pump. Once water finds a way into the basement of your home you can be faced with many problems including damage to the walls and foundation, damage and destruction of things stored in the area and a potential drop in the resale value of the home. If the current system used for basement waterproofing in Eastbourne is ineffective the majority of concerned homeowners hire a company that specialises in waterproofing to correct the problems.

A popular method employed for exterior basement waterproofing is a French drain; this is particularly effective in areas which expect heavy rain. A French drain consists of a metal drain which is located in close proximity to the foundation; this drain is connected to a pipe which directs the rain water into a drainage system which is installed in the ground. This solution is effective as long as it is kept cleared of debris such as sand or soil that can prevent proper operation. French drains can be installed in several areas around the house, generally at the bottom of a slope running in the direction of the foundation.

Another very effective method of basement waterproofing in Eastbourne is tanking. Tanking is carried out by applying a water proof material or substance to the exterior wall all the way to the footings. This solution is obviously best done while the house is being built although professionals have the proper equipment to tank the foundation even years after the house was built. The material that is used creates a waterproof barrier between the basement walls and the soil surrounding the house. To ensure complete elimination of water in the basement most contractors also apply a waterproofing paint to the inside of the walls. You can click here to get more details.

Another workable solution to keeping water out of the basement is the installation of a sump pump in the basement floor. The sump pump is located in the lowest area of the basement floor; any water under the floor slab will naturally gravitate to this low spot. The sump pump is installed in a pit, the pit fills with water and the pump automatically engages, pumping the water outside into a drainage system.

There are a number of ways to execute external basement waterproofing in Eastbourne. If you are having problems with water entering the basement of your home you are invited to contact the experts at Cavitytech Systems Ltd.

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