Is getting your pet vaccinated necessary?

Posted By admin on Jul 13, 2016 |

Is getting your pet vaccinated necessary?

Pet vaccinations are commonly debated among pet owners. Vaccinations are not 100% effective but it is the same with any type of medication. This does not mean you should not vaccinate your pet. Avoiding vaccinating your pet can not only lead to health concerns for your pet but also yourself and the people around you. Making sure your pet gets vaccinated is a responsibility that all pet owners undertake when they take on a pet.

In most countries certain pet vaccinations are mandatory. Diseases like rabies can only be contained through vaccinations. Without vaccinating against it can lead to a rabies outbreak and can create a health concern in your community. Vaccinations do not only protect your pet alone but also helps create herd immunity in your community. The more pets that get vaccinated makes it harder for diseases to spread and become severely contagious.

Even if your pet doesn’t socialize with other animals it is still strongly advised that you get them vaccinated. Most diseases are airborne and can easily affect your pet without you knowing. There are diseases like parvovirus that can be contracted through clothing or dirt on your shoes. It is also advised that you do not isolate your pet as it can be detrimental to their mental and physical health. Socializing your pet will help boost the immune system and protect them from lesser diseases.

Most people sceptical about vaccinations are always concerned about side effects. Side effects from vaccinations are very minimal and do not cause any long-term effects. In most cases vaccinations will only induce a lethargic mood in your pet for about twenty-four hours. Serious complications are very rare and few among pet vaccinations. If you are still concerned about your pet’s vaccination, there are various vets that offer vaccinations in Durham who can answer any questions you have.